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Brown Bears: A seemoreHD Exclusive!
Live streaming and High Definition

Each day during July, we are producing a new, five-to-ten minute HD program of the bears at McNeil River, Alaska. We are filming using a 110 mile wireless radio link and robotic cameras to capture HD video, and we are editing and uploading to the web new programs each day. We are also producing AppleTV, iPod and iPhone versions of the programs, and they are all free! Join us now!

See what the bears are doing right now by viewing our work on National Geographic, and later, see the best of each day in HD on your large-screen HD monitor.

Join us live for streaming on the
web at National Geographic.

The Bearcam is completely remotely operated, and it's using some cool new technologies. We are using the latest compression technology to deliver HD, and we are powering the system with solar panels and fuel cells.

Our hope is that viewers will enjoy this new, high definition content of the natural world in places like hospitals, boardrooms, airports, and in homes across the World. We invite you to let us know where you are watching our HD video, and please send us thoughts and ideas of additional uses or locations to record.

More HD? If you want to see more HD video of the natural world, please see visit BlueMarvel.

Got Kids? You can see some of Daniel Zatz's kids videos about bears and Alaska wildlife by clicking here. It's all free!

How can you help? Bears everywhere need your help. To learn more about the bears in Alaska, how you can visit them or how you can help protect them, please visit the following websites:

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